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Learn a Skill That Will Last a Lifetime. Beginners Always Welcome!!!

Pay us a visit and learn more about Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. It differs from many other styles of Aikido by demonstrating how the power of the mind influences the body and makes techniques more flowing and powerful. So practice is not only good for the body, but the mind as well.

Come and watch a class or take a free class. Ask plenty of questions. We have a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Aikido helps us live in harmony, not only with others, but ourselves, as we learn how thoughts and feelings affect our movements and our daily lives. The goal is not to harm others or gratify one’s ego.

Learn a skill that you can keep for a lifetime. Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn more. Feel free to write or call us to ask any questions. South Mountain Aikido is a member of the Midland Ki Federation of the Ki Society. Our Chief Instructor is Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, 8th Dan. See the pictures from our October training camp in Frederick.

Our teaching philosophy:  “Spare no effort when you teach. You advance as your students advance. Do not be impatient when you teach. No one can learn everything well at one time. Perseverance is important in teaching, as are patience, kindness and the ability to put yourself in your students’ place.”Tohei Sensei.

South Mountain Aikido

500 West Patricxk Street

Phone: 301-514-3415


Kokyunage Drill with Kashiwaya Sensei




Thanks to All Those Who Attended Fall Training Camp!!!!


Thanks to Terry Pierce Sensei for a Great Seminar June 10th

And thanks to all those who attended.




Be Humble

Ego can be the biggest obstacle to learning. It’s not always about you. Help others learn. They are just as part of creation as you. Accept that you don’t know, but be willing to learn. Realize that you may not understand a concept or a throw in a single class. It may take a week, a month, a year or a lifetime. Best to figure on a lifetime. Don’t blame others if you don’t understand. Maybe your mind just isn’t ready. The epiphany will come in due time and it will mean so much more. Be joyful in your practice. Play. The world benefits more from your joy than your black belt. You’ll be remembered by how you make others feel, not by your rank.


Thanks Kashiwaya Sensei for a Great Training Camp!!!!!

camp photo


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Time to Give It a Try!!!!

 The time has come to take a free class or at least watch a class. Besides learning new skills, you’ll meet some great people. And it’s very affordable. Stop by and say hello. No obligation. Our students range in age from 13 to 71. Where do you fit in? Hope to see you soon!


Our article in Be Well magazine.

The 2013 Fall edition contains an article on aikido by Joe De Capua, head instructor at South Mountain. It’s a general overview of the martial art.

You can also read the article online at by clicking the link below.

Magazine article